DIY: Lavender Bath Salts

bath salts with lavender

I never appreciated my bathtub until I was pregnant and on my feet most of the day. During the third trimester, many of my late evenings were spent in a warm (not hot) bath with the wonderful smell of lavender essential oils in the air. And now that I’m no longer pregnant, I can add a glass of red wine and make bath time even more relaxing! Continue reading

Pregnancy Nutrition: Weight Gain and Loss

pregnancy weight loss

[This is part 3 of my pregnancy nutrition series. To learn about prenatal supplements or what to eat during pregnancy, go here.]

Prior to getting pregnant, I had envisioned exactly how I thought my weight management would go during and after pregnancy: I would eat right and exercise regularly to avoid excess weight gain during pregnancy, then a few weeks postpartum, start a serious exercise program to lose the expected few pounds of extra weight. Continue reading

Pregnancy Nutrition: Supplements

pregnancy supplements

Although nutrition is important in every stage of life, it is especially crucial right before conception and during pregnancy. Many women obsess over what they should and should not eat, while others view pregnancy as a time to eat whatever they want. What many women neglect, however, is the importance of choosing the right supplements. There are many supplements available that market to pregnant women, but the scary thing is that supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Continue reading