Golden Spice Cream with Pumpkin Seed Crackle

Golden Spice Cream with pumpkin seed crackle

I’ve been all about turmeric lately, so it’s only fitting that when we finally had a hint of warm weather, I decided to make turmeric and ginger ice cream — spice cream, if you will. And since I’ve been loving my golden milk almost every night, why not use the same flavors to make a deliciously creamy dessert?

This golden spice cream is unlike any ice cream flavor you’ve ever tried, yet it’s so rich and satisfying. The addition of coconut cream makes it so thick, my husband compared it to custard! You won’t miss the dairy, I promise. Continue reading

Cinnamon Ice Cream With Salted Caramel and Brûléed Banana

Cinnamon ice cream w/ banana

I may be a dietitian, but I’m still human — a human with a sweet tooth. So naturally, my favorite recipes to concoct are desserts. Granted, my desserts are nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free, but they’re still decadent treats that should be reserved for special occasions.

This cinnamon ice cream with salted caramel and brûléed banana seems complex, but I promise it’s quite easy! The ice cream, shortbread cookies, and salted caramel can be made ahead, and the bananas can be caramelized using a créme brûlée torch or an oven broiler right before serving. And trust me, this will be your new favorite summer dessert! Continue reading

Red Bean Ice Cream (Vegan)


I’m continuing my Asian-inspired ice cream flavors this week with this red bean ice cream made with sweet red bean paste! Last week I posted a black sesame ice cream, which you absolutely must try!

Red bean paste (known as anko) is a common filling to mochi, dumplings, cookies, and other Chinese and Japanese desserts. At first the idea of beans in my desserts made me cringe, but after I tasted that sweet red paste, my mind was filled with new dessert recipe ideas!

But first, ice cream . . . 🙂 Continue reading

Black Sesame Ice Cream (Vegan)


Well, the time has come. I’ve finally caved to my husband’s requests and dusted off the ice cream maker, which has been stored for the winter. I generally resist making ice cream because I love it so much that if it’s in the freezer, I WILL eat it. I’m sure most of you can relate.

And after tasting this recipe, I knew I was in trouble! Continue reading