Turmeric, Ginger, & Lemon Shots

ginger turmeric lemon shots

It’s the end of October, which means soon we’ll need to be protecting ourselves from the cold weather and cold viruses. With a toddler in preschool, I feel like I’m constantly fighting off the viruses she brings home. But thanks to a local juice store, I’ve discovered a method of boosting my immune system and decreasing inflammation: turmeric, lemon, and ginger shots!

These 2-ounce shots are highly concentrated, work very quickly, and burn like hell. I recommend keeping a glass of water nearby to use as a chaser. As someone who has used these shots multiple times in the past month whenever I felt like I was coming down with something, I can attest to their effectiveness. Even though my husband and daughter had colds this month, I never came down with one!

Already have a cold? Try my simple cold remedies, which use raw honey and essential oils to soothe sore throats, reduce coughing, and clear sinuses!

The benefits of curcumin, found in turmeric, are numerous. I highly recommend consuming it in some form every day. If the thought of juicing and drinking a shot every morning doesn’t appeal to you, you can always try it in my delicious Golden Milk!

golden milk


In case you missed my post about the benefits of turmeric, here’s a recap:

Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Prevents cardiovascular disease at a magnitude comparable to that of 30-60 minutes of exercise per day (Source)
  • A safe and effective remedy for rheumatoid arthritis (Source)
  • May work as well or better than leading anti-inflammatory drugs for osteoarthritis. (Source)
  • A powerful antioxidant (Source)
  • Decreases the damaging effects of lupus on the kidneys (Source)
  • May reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (Source)

You can increase the bioavailability of turmeric by combining it with black pepper, which contains piperine, a potent inhibitor of drug metabolism, meaning it slows the liver’s ability to eliminate the curcumin. Even just a pinch of pepper increases bioavailability by 2000%! Also eating it with fat helps it travel through the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver and increasing absorption.


Benefits of Ginger:

  • Anti-inflammatory (Source)
  • May be effective as a migraine remedy (Source)
  • Reduces morning sickness nausea, motion sickness nausea, post-operative nausea, and chemo therapy vomiting (Source)
  • May reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and IBS cramping (Source)
  • Helps protect DNA from oxidative damage (Source)

Benefits of Lemon:

  • Source of vitamin C, an antioxidant
  • Helps boost DNA repair (Source)
  • Aids in antioxidant absorption, especially in tea (Source)

ginger, turmeric, lemonturmeric, ginger, lemon shot

All you need to make this simple turmeric, ginger, and lemon shot is a juicer or a high-powered blender. To use a blender for juicing, blend all ingredients until no large chunks remain. Pour blender contents over a cloth-lined strainer that rests over a large bowl. Allow liquid to strain through, then make a pouch with the cloth over the remaining pulp and squeeze out the rest of the liquid.

Personally, I prefer to use a juicer. If you don’t have one, I recommend asking for one for Christmas. I use a Breville, but there are lots of options!

After you make your juice, you can pour it into individual 2-oz bottles, store it in a jar, or pour it into an ice mold to save it for later.

turmeric, ginger, lemon shotsturmeric, ginger, lemon shots

Turmeric, Ginger, & Lemon Shots
Prep time
Total time
Give your immune system a quick boost with these anti-inflammatory shots made with turmeric and ginger roots, lemons, and a touch of apple.
Recipe type: Juice
Serves: 15 ounces
  • ~7 oz turmeric root (large handful)
  • 3-4 lemons, rind removed
  • ~6 oz ginger root (one large root), roughly chopped
  • 1 sweet apple, quartered
  • Pinch black pepper
  1. Run all ingredients through a juicer, or blend in a blender and pour through a cloth-lined sieve to strain out pulp.
  2. Pour juice into individual bottles, one large jar, or an ice cube tray to store.
  3. To serve, pour about 2 ounces into a glass and add a small pinch of black pepper. Drink like a shot and chase with water.
These shots are best when taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Store juice in the fridge up to 4 days.

I recommend taking these shots every other day, unless you feel like you're fighting off a cold, in which case every day would be appropriate.

turmeric, ginger, lemon shots

Our local juice store sells these shots, which they call “The Sting,” for $6 per 2-oz bottle. Well this recipe makes 15 ounces for the same price!

If you don’t believe in the benefits of turmeric, ginger, and lemon, I dare you to try these juice shots every morning for a week. You’ll be hooked, just like I am!

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We’ve really been enjoying fall here in the Fowler house! We’ve taken Abby to the Dixie Classic Fair, a pumpkin patch, and a fall festival. The weather here in Winston has been so great, it’s been hard for me to sit inside and work on my blog! But don’t worry, I have more delicious recipes up my sleeve!

pumpkin picking

Abby at the fair

Abby at the fair

Abby on the farm

on the farm

What are some of your favorite fall traditions?








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  1. Where did you buy your glass bottles? Is the seal on the cap fairly tight or did you switch to another brand? Do you feel it’s easier to deal with in the longrun to portion out the juice in the 2oz bottles or just keep it chilled in one large glass bottle?

    • Hi! I actually saved them from a juice store here in Winston, so that’s probably not very helpful to you. I’d check a craft store or Amazon. I only portion the juice into the small bottles if I’m giving them to people, but it’s more convenient to keep all of the juice together and portion it out right before drinking. I hope that helps!

  2. Can you take this everyday to help with inflammation? I have bad knees and I just take turmeric capsules to help with the inflammation.
    Thank you

    • Yes! When I have bouts of arthritis, I pretty much take one of these or make golden milk every day. You should try to figure out which is more effective for you — the capsules or the shots — and keep taking those. I hope you find relief!

    • I think adding honey would be OK, if that’s what you need to get them down! I prefer to add a sweet apple to the juicer to give these extra sweetness though.

  3. I can’t find fresh tumeric. Only the kind in the spice aisle. Would it be possible to make this still with that? How much would I use.

    • Sure! I’d aim for 1/4 teaspoon of ground turmeric per shot, because studies show that 1/4 tsp. is a good dose for reducing inflammation. If you know you’re experiencing lots of inflammation (achy joints, etc.), you may want to add more than that. It’s up to you!

      • Hi! Since this makes 15 oz. or approximately 7 two ounce shots, would I add 1/4 tsp of tumeric seven times?

        I can’t find fresh tumeric either.

        • You could do that, or just stir in 1/4 teaspoon in each shot before taking it. If that’s too strong for you, you can reduce the amount in the next shot without ruining the whole batch. Just a suggestion! Sorry you can’t find fresh turmeric. That’s so frustrating!